Crimson Crossing – Stories in Erotica

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Travels in Cocktail

A cocktail is followed by another, imminently greeting an inebriation that releases a loss of inhibitions through our bodies. As your lips approach the glass, your eyes guide my attention to the bedroom; our companions never notice. Your glass is the first to feel your desires as your index finger runs through its rim, slowly sliding into the glass, returning to the surface soaked by its contents. Your intentions scream at me when that same index finger just soaked by the contents of the glass is slowly brought into your mouth, then lightly flickering the residues onto me.

Understanding too well your own desires, you stand up, search your way through the loud music and fellow drinkers; I recognize that the bedroom is your final destination. I follow suit, approaching you to a breadth’s distance walking up the stairs. You quickly pick up the pace only to come to a sudden stop; looking over your shoulder while pulling your dress announcing all your intentions. They are all visible, tightly held by sheer shorts. The alcohol prevents you from holding back, you pull your right hand and slide it down your right cheek lifting the shorts ever so slightly as if releasing your scent for me to pursue. I’ve felt you, and effortlessly close the distance you’ve gained between us by your slight burst up the stairs. I reach your location just shades away from the bedroom and watch you resume your drink.

I take your drink, holding you by the waist with my left hand, I pour the remaining contents down your chest. The coldness of the drink is visible through your chest. They react as if ready to light the path to your desires. The music is still loud, and there is people circulating around us. You don’t care if they see your eyes, your mouth widely open, that I kiss your neck, and chest while your left leg wraps around me. I pick you up, and take you away from interruptions deep ito the bedroom. By now both your legs are wrapped around me, moving your pelvis as if a hungry infant searching for a bottle.

I place my left arm under your butt and raise your body slightly higher, enough to bring my free hand up your dress and rip through your shorts. You feel them tear right through you, touching every corner of your sanctity as they are prevented from hiding your essence any longer. I unbuckle my belt, pull my pants down and tease you; moving him slowly around you, slowly getting him to peek just a tiny bit at you. You try to move down, but my arm prevents you from feeling all of him. You are at my mercy and will not taste him until, I, so deem.

My tongue has worked its way to your chest, licking the wetness left behind by the cold of the drink. Perking your chest to a higher pleasure, biting, licking, suckling, I don’t let them rest. You don’t want or care to rest, so you attempt to force your way down to feel him penetrate you; I don’t allow it just yet. You remain still, feel the approach spreading your lips as he goes from the top to the bottom, wetting you and engulfing your wetness, releasing the heat that so been trapped for too long.

I’ve had enough of your battle to taste him, and pull down on you. Your eyes open wide, your back curves, your eyes are in agonizing pleasure. They don’t refrain from displaying the profoundness which he’s reached inside of you. I pull up and down again and again; your hair bouncing as if a-horse back. Each time your eyes open wider, moans intensify, your nails dig into my shoulders. You are wide open, and feel his stress tearing through your every muscle. Noticing that you cannot contain, I spin your body. Your back is facing me, I’m still inside of you. I bend my knees to give you a platform in which to lean with your knees. Grabbing both your hands I bring them back, I’m holding you by your arms at the wrists, while your lower legs rest on my thighs; I pull you stronger, intensifying the pull on your hands and the thrust of my pelvis with each slapping sound of your bodies. You scream, you cry out not to stop, the sweat of your body pours from you in every direction. Your hair can no longer bounce, it is stuck to your body, to your mouth, to your face by the sweat being released by your pleasure. The deeper he goes the more you beg to harder penetration. Up in the air, your chest bounces like once did you hair. Your body sliding up and down, covering and showing his body, showing his protruding veins, how wet you’ve made him. You can’t hold yourself up on my legs so I must release your arms and the grab the back of your thighs to lift you. I’ve got you spread, the bed witnesses the look of you and I from the front, the rawness you’ve taken, the pink has turn to redish… I keep bouncing you, while our sweaty bodies rub against one another… your butt rubbing against my pelvis, your inner body rubbing against him…


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We were introduced at a company sponsored event. A coworker noticed that I’d become an audience to his actions. He had in fact become the lead in a play I didn’t want to end. I had paid particular attention to him from the onset of the gathering. My vision traced his physique as if a sculptor upon clay. …fantasies of him being strolled through my imagination conceiving his masculinity upon my flesh. Then, I became discouraged by the abrupt interruption that ended the reverie. My foresight failed to realize that the abrupt disturbance would become a delight.

A coworker returned me back into reality; she asked to follow her, that I would be grateful. I agreed to follow her anticipating that the discouragement felt from losing my fantasy would dissipate. As we advanced, her destination became clear. She was heading in his direction. Cold swept through my feet, my body shivered… I composed myself, smiled, and played with my hair. Mesmerized, I was a school kid again, giggly, inept in the art of communication. He spoke, my smile grew bigger. I hardly recall what was shared that day, I do however, remember the experience gained from meeting him. Walking the line of friendship for months, we never really became romantically involved. He was always proper, sensually distant. He was a lure, and I became a willing prey. Searching for the subsequent opportunity in which I would declare the untamed bliss tearing at my soul.

I was apprehensive at first; until that moment my life had been well suited for holy trails. It still stirs turmoil to contemplate such unspeakable act. I made a decision which would bring my parents to shame, but ashamed I am not. Unspeakable as it might be addressed, as much turmoil it might drive down reason, it happened to me! It was late in the evening, perhaps early in the morning when we arrived at his house. He had had a few cocktails sporadically throughout the evening. As I don’t drink, my sense of inhibitions was decreased by the proximity of his body to mine. He unlocked the door to his home, and invited me in. I walked in; he followed, tossed his shoes at the door, and requested I make myself comfortable. The flip of the light switch illuminated the room, bringing to focus the kitchen at the opposite side. A stereo system simultaneously went on as indiscernible forms became clear; the stereo hummed old Spanish songs. The words were foreign to me, but coupled with the comforting raspy-ness of the vocalist, and the continuous melody of some unknown guitar-like instrument was breathtaking. By the time he returned I had made myself at home, my shoes were off next to his, my body leaning against the kitchen counter looking across the room to the vastness of an ocean I couldn’t distinguish through the darkness. The resonance of incoming and retrieving waves felt surreal.

Keen on the serenading voice from the stereo, I didn’t interpret his purpose with ease until I felt the breeze of the room suffocate my intimate apparel. His hands warmed the coldness of my thighs, perking the attention of all my illusions. It alluded to the world I was about to witness. I stayed immobile, absorbing his glory, deeply inhaling to maintain composure. His tongue was moist, soft, warm… I sweltered; it exposed me to unfamiliar feelings. Included among them was the desire to abandon societal ethos and give myself to him as women of ill judgment would.

It didn’t take long before my knees buckled, just as it didn’t take long for my sight to behold what was about to happen. The ajar front door invited his roommate into the house. He wore a two-tone hat, unbuttoned white shirt, unbuckled belt, unbuttoned pants. The contour of his abs digging deep down to his underpants, shoes on his left hand, he yawned as if the night had been exhausting to his chiseled physique. He had not seen us, I had seen him.

I purposely moaned as he released his shoes. The collision of the shoes upon the hardwood floor made my intimate partner cease his wonders to gaze towards the disruption. I had revealed my torso’s secrets to the incomer. I tried to reveal that I, too, wanted him. His response was disheartening. He waved his hand as if we ought to continue and ignore him. Concede his wishes weren’t of my interest. I walked off towards him and waved my partner to follow. He smiled and granted my wishes. We needed not be audible, the requirements were for the intruder to stand where he was, and allow the fulfillment of my fantasies. Having seen his masculinity surface, I leaned over and planted my lips upon the blissful figure fully uncovering him, revealing the entirety of what I was about to undertake. Time for subtleties was neglected; I attempted to consume it to totality.

The flavor captured within my lips sinfully moistened me. Never before had I desired for this body of mine to be examined so fervently. There he stood, staring into my eyes as I looked his way. Undeterred by his stare I continued to leverage his world, anticipating the easiness in which my previous delightful partner would push aside obstacles to mold my lady-ness to his will. He was meticulous at first, the continuous motion of his pelvis aided in the consumption of the intruder’s satisfaction. Both disappeared within me, felt by my inner persona were indentations, striations, thrust, splashes, the separation of muscles further than ever before, the clashing of pelvis from different directions intensified with each clashing thump. I fought valiantly to derail my inexperience, a chance wouldn’t escape for them to interpret and lessen the lust circulating through my blood. I wouldn’t allow them. The offenses grew stronger, I struggle to maintain composure, I wanted to scream the ecstasy out from inside of me, but it was obstructed by the lust consumed within my mouth, stroked by my tongue.

I was stood erect from behind while still trapping him within her, his pelvis against my succulent back, I squeezed together hoping he wouldn’t release. His mouth sank into the back of my neck. It was a soothing deterrent that might not last… Just as I thought I could manage the situation, the intruder drew closer and grabbed my face. His lips lock with mine, and with a swift might he pulled my right leg to the side and upwards… it was as if there was a manuscript because him standing behind, withdrew. I let a sigh, and continued to wrestle the tongue of him, while feeling the lips, teeth and tongue of the other seduce my shoulders and neck. I didn’t have a chance to relax, at the front he pulled me up with a thrust from his pelvis. I was forced away from his lips, while fearing that I couldn’t manage the whole of him. He touched each space left unfilled by all previous explorers, the harder he thumped against me, the louder I screamed. The impact of the collisions raised my heartbeat, caused me denounce this crime I sought, it was audible until my eyes grew large, my body stiffen and my mouth became unable to speak. I felt the other pierce through me as a man has never before; I was suspended, held up from behind and front by angles of sin. I screamed, I cried, I moaned, I sighed, I cursed, I begged of them to intensify the journey in which my body was being balanced. They needn’t bounce me, I had the intruder grabbed the by the shoulders staring into his eyes and bouncing, pulling, tugging myself. The screaming intensified, I began to jerk, my world grew dark, moisture saturated…