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Travels in Cocktail

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A cocktail is followed by another, imminently greeting an inebriation that releases a loss of inhibitions through our bodies. As your lips approach the glass, your eyes guide my attention to the bedroom; our companions never notice. Your glass is the first to feel your desires as your index finger runs through its rim, slowly sliding into the glass, returning to the surface soaked by its contents. Your intentions scream at me when that same index finger just soaked by the contents of the glass is slowly brought into your mouth, then lightly flickering the residues onto me.

Understanding too well your own desires, you stand up, search your way through the loud music and fellow drinkers; I recognize that the bedroom is your final destination. I follow suit, approaching you to a breadth’s distance walking up the stairs. You quickly pick up the pace only to come to a sudden stop; looking over your shoulder while pulling your dress announcing all your intentions. They are all visible, tightly held by sheer shorts. The alcohol prevents you from holding back, you pull your right hand and slide it down your right cheek lifting the shorts ever so slightly as if releasing your scent for me to pursue. I’ve felt you, and effortlessly close the distance you’ve gained between us by your slight burst up the stairs. I reach your location just shades away from the bedroom and watch you resume your drink.

I take your drink, holding you by the waist with my left hand, I pour the remaining contents down your chest. The coldness of the drink is visible through your chest. They react as if ready to light the path to your desires. The music is still loud, and there is people circulating around us. You don’t care if they see your eyes, your mouth widely open, that I kiss your neck, and chest while your left leg wraps around me. I pick you up, and take you away from interruptions deep ito the bedroom. By now both your legs are wrapped around me, moving your pelvis as if a hungry infant searching for a bottle.

I place my left arm under your butt and raise your body slightly higher, enough to bring my free hand up your dress and rip through your shorts. You feel them tear right through you, touching every corner of your sanctity as they are prevented from hiding your essence any longer. I unbuckle my belt, pull my pants down and tease you; moving him slowly around you, slowly getting him to peek just a tiny bit at you. You try to move down, but my arm prevents you from feeling all of him. You are at my mercy and will not taste him until, I, so deem.

My tongue has worked its way to your chest, licking the wetness left behind by the cold of the drink. Perking your chest to a higher pleasure, biting, licking, suckling, I don’t let them rest. You don’t want or care to rest, so you attempt to force your way down to feel him penetrate you; I don’t allow it just yet. You remain still, feel the approach spreading your lips as he goes from the top to the bottom, wetting you and engulfing your wetness, releasing the heat that so been trapped for too long.

I’ve had enough of your battle to taste him, and pull down on you. Your eyes open wide, your back curves, your eyes are in agonizing pleasure. They don’t refrain from displaying the profoundness which he’s reached inside of you. I pull up and down again and again; your hair bouncing as if a-horse back. Each time your eyes open wider, moans intensify, your nails dig into my shoulders. You are wide open, and feel his stress tearing through your every muscle. Noticing that you cannot contain, I spin your body. Your back is facing me, I’m still inside of you. I bend my knees to give you a platform in which to lean with your knees. Grabbing both your hands I bring them back, I’m holding you by your arms at the wrists, while your lower legs rest on my thighs; I pull you stronger, intensifying the pull on your hands and the thrust of my pelvis with each slapping sound of your bodies. You scream, you cry out not to stop, the sweat of your body pours from you in every direction. Your hair can no longer bounce, it is stuck to your body, to your mouth, to your face by the sweat being released by your pleasure. The deeper he goes the more you beg to harder penetration. Up in the air, your chest bounces like once did you hair. Your body sliding up and down, covering and showing his body, showing his protruding veins, how wet you’ve made him. You can’t hold yourself up on my legs so I must release your arms and the grab the back of your thighs to lift you. I’ve got you spread, the bed witnesses the look of you and I from the front, the rawness you’ve taken, the pink has turn to redish… I keep bouncing you, while our sweaty bodies rub against one another… your butt rubbing against my pelvis, your inner body rubbing against him…


Author: jibarican

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