Crimson Crossing – Stories in Erotica


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You’ve stayed awake all night, pondering, wondering… standing in your living room in presence of wall-high-windows covering the entire wall, overlooking the serenity of the lake down west. It’s early morning, the chirp of birds, crock of frogs, and lighting bugs fading in the distance alert the imminent arrival of sunrise. The layer of dew covering the lake makes you wonder what might be hiding underneath.

Gazing, staring, wondering at nothing, at it all, you don’t notice my arrival. I’ve been staring at you from behind. Standing there, in a mid-calf-long sheer-white negligee opened in the front, revealing to the lake your feminine figure. Nature witnesses the beauty God neglected to offer it; your bare body. Negligee clings to the perkiness of your chest, exposing your navel, an enticing undergarment that works its best not to divulge this woman’s essence is too visible to those outside the window.

The residual and weak shine of the moon still manages to print upon the floor what your figure truly resembles. In the shadow I look at your calves, working my way up to your thighs, to a spot between your legs that makes me tremble, creating a curvature as your hips delve into your waist. There I stop and commence my slow movement towards you. It is irresistible to witness such a wonder, irresistible not move forward upon it.

My left hand is the first to reach you, lightly pushing off your shoulder the sheer-white negligee baring your left shoulder. You smile, thinking to yourself: “I thought he’d never come”. I’m here… I place my lips on your shoulder, taking my time to travel up to your neck and ear. My right hand runs its fingers through the back of your neck, entering your hair and coming back down your shoulder dragging seduction in way to pushing the right side of your negligee off from your shoulder. I’ve bared your back and watch the path the garment travels as it falls down to your ankles. It’s revealed your back, it’s revealed the voluptuousness which makes you the desire of gods and sinners alike. I trace my nose from your right shoulder up to your ear, casually kissing as it travels, culminating and bite and sucking of your earlobe. Your knees buckle, lightly fighting to keep you up. Down it cannot go it’s just commenced.

I rub your shoulders and kiss your neck moving ever so slowly down to your shoulder blades, your back, my hands have too moved lower on your body. They rest at your waist, rubbing from your navel out to the sides. You’ve closed your eyes and have lifted your head as if praying for God to let it happen. I enjoy biting and clamp my moistened lips and teeth onto the roundness which has woke me up this early. My hands join my lips and rub and sooth the parts which my lips cannot cover, and cannot reach. Your undergarment meets the same fate s your negligee and travels south, yet at as slower pace as if asking me to first see that which has been uncovered by enticement. My lips and hands together work to separate the two mounds of your posterior, allowing the tongue an effortless journey lower in your body. Feeling my intentions, your upper body leans forward, your legs drag your feet further apart. Your sent speaks of want, of need, of desire. My tongue nears its destination, my hands not far behind still massage your behind.

My tongue is surprised by moisture not coming from within it, but from within you. It circles your most sensitive being, moving up, moving down, moving to the sides. It travels as if eager to reach a destination, but not satisfied that it had paid enough attention to the surroundings, there it stays awaiting the hands’ arrival to aid in further tasting your riveting entirety. You’ve contained enough a slow moan escapes your already opened mouth. With it, I effortless turn you, witnessing the aura, which once too, stared at the lake. It is before me, revealed to my lips, to my mouth, to my tongue. From my kneeling position, I grab your right leg and place it upon my left shoulder, exposing the innocence of rawness. My mouth massages the area that makes you a woman, slowly licking from as far back as it can reach to the front, again missing the point that makes your desires wash away. My hands have slid back behind you, cuffing, gasping, grappling all that is now theirs…

Not long it takes for my tongue pierces your womanhood, from which your body reacts by tensing and shaking. There too, it massages your well being, indulging in a world many have desired to uncover, but have failed. It is mine, here, now, to take, to want, to caress, to satisfy. Your moans are now more pronounced, more consecutive, your knees continue to buckle struggling to keep you there. You bow down and grasp my head, squeezing it as if falling it where, pushing it deeper into you. It’s time my lips and tongue know it, I slide out of you, taking my time, your pelvis moves forward attempting to deny my escape, but escape I must. I finally reach your eminence, the spot that will push bliss from its confinements. There my tongue commences to speak to you, I speaks of letting go, of a passion that must escape and present itself before everyone and everything. Your trembling body speeds up, your moans gain strength, your knees continue to buckle, my work has likewise sped its duty, stroking you right where God has hidden your desires only visible by a blood flow that seems to be directed to the area to its totality.

I’m now caught between the grip of your hands and that of your legs pushing against my head. Caught in a world of envy, a world where Gods are willing to sin, where Gods dismiss sin. Your sweaty body pushes harder and harder against my face… you moan apexes, you scream for it not to stop, you beg for me to continue, you sigh, you bow before me, your muscles loosen, my face is free, my tongue retreats, your body still jerks… Now I want you, engorged, soldier willing to battle, to exhaust you, to take you, to meet, too the desires reached by my tongue. I pull your leg from my shoulder, move up, spread you, you stare into my eyes as if a vision from the heavens, I come closer, you feel him, he touches you, you move up on your toes, I…

Author: jibarican

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