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Deep Blue

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The faint sound of a flute, every-so-often intertwined to that of a tenor saxophone, was made more captivating by the subtle deep echoes of a contrabass; in unison reverberating a story of harmony, a story of melody that asked of me to approach the dormitory. I looked inside from the distance, curious as to the source of the music.

I was quick in movement at first, but soon slowed down as I approached the white door to the dormitory. Upon reaching it – opened to the left-hand side – I leaned my head to the left against its frame, and simply witnessed. The room was dim, visible only was the silhouette of man and a woman on a bed, and the deep blue lights that ran upwards, downwards as if following the flow of water from a ceiling-to-floor high water fountain at the head of the bed. The trickle of water from the fountain intoxicated the entire room, hints of it flying out the door telling me that forming inside was more than the desires of two people.

For the actions that I witnessed, I failed to understand the tranquility, the peace that reached my emotions. Was it the coupling of the water to the music, maybe it was the guitar I failed to hear when at at distance? I’m only sure that I did see them; the silhouette of the man laying on the bed, hands on her hips, while her silhouette sat at top of him, time to time slowly grinding upon him, her head slowly moving back and forth, side to side, just one time quickly, sending her hair through the air as if something grand had occurred.

I felt it all, even from the door, I couldn’t dismiss the trickling of water, the tenor sax, that contrabass that kept a heartbeat alive. It might as well have been me, because the soft of her skin seemed to glide upon my pelvis, staring down at me while I entered her. My hands unable to guide her direction, held on unable to let go. I wanted to feel her hips with my hands, as much as she desired to look into my eyes. There was barely any sound coming from them, but that of faint gasps escaping her mouth, and deep breaths spoken by me.

She was soft, unspeakably soft, tender beyond reality. I couldn’t have imagined more beauty even if fantasizing about the paradise Adam and Eva saw. She smiled down upon me, asking me to surrender, as if I could possibly have surrendered any further. Her body was covered in that deep blue light coming from the water fountain. Each time she raised her arms, I sighed at the sight of her breast exposed to the air, I sighed at the knowledge that there wasn’t two people, but the union that made us one.

The feeling of her hands on my chest, the feeling of our intimacy, I still couldn’t understand why this, why now. Her, the feeling of skin against skin, me deep inside, she smiling as if nothing could be more correct than being together.

Author: jibarican

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