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Late Arrival

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Considering I was already somewhat inebriated that night, it wasn’t all that late to visit her. She lived in a small apartment in a housing complex where all the houses appear similar. To reach her front door, there was small corridor which had to be traversed between two houses. Air found it difficult to reach her apartment. I often wonder how she slept in the heat of this tropical island.

I had just left a local establishment where I danced a few songs and drank a few martinis. Flavored martinis seem to be the latest fad, so I joined in and gulped a few. Never did I think they could be so strong tasting so amiable to the palate. Walking towards her apartment I could hear the shower already running. The front door was ajar, so I invited myself in. The kitchen greeted me, the stove was on and coffee intoxicated the place. The kitchen was in one room that also stood as a living-room, directly behind the kitchen was the only room of the house; extremely dark and hot back there. Quickly upon entry, to the left, the doorway leading to the bathroom was found.

Steam was coming out of the open bathroom door. It was insane, why would she bathe with such hot water in such a heat. I didn’t announce myself, so I decided to grab a drink, sit in the couch to wait for her to conclude her heated bath. Before I sat down, through the steam, the open door and the lights I could see her. She wasn’t alone. I hadn’t even noticed the gasps and moans coming from the same direction, it must have been my inebriated state hiding details of reality.

I stood for a while and watched. She was in bliss; truly loving him. The musculature of his strong arms lured my desires. The ease in which he handled her, it was astonishing. It was as if she were a doll made just for his every whim. It was then that I couldn’t contain myself. He had lifted her, sat her on his shoulders facing him. Her back was against the wall, steadying her body during this holy act. I knew she couldn’t have gathered enough strength to hold herself up during the act his tongue was committing. Her expressions haunted me. She was sweating, mouth opened, eyes rolled upwards, his hands against her gluteus, the strength of his arms holding her up, keeping her just where he wanted her. The sweat on her breasts dripped down onto him as if searching to cool an overheated body. I could imagine what he was doing to her and wanted it done onto me. The more I witnessed it, the more I wanted it to be me.

In a moment of lunacy, I walked towards them. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but there I wanted to be. I wanted it to be me, feeling him, his arms, chest, tongue, his blissful masculinity. She gasped for air, eyes opened, she saw me and smiled. I didn’t care to undress, I didn’t care for inhibitions, all I cared was to feel him. I approached them, she pulled me by the hair and pinned me against her thigh. I sucked, I bit it, she released me and I got on my knees underneath her and in front of him. I stared at it, seeing him in his most engorged state. Shiny, strong, the veins from the base to almost the very top throbbed. I had to go against all the wishes from my parents of me to be always be a lady, I had to disobey! I grabbed him caring little to be soft, to be a lady. My lips took him as I’ve never had another. I tried with all my yearnings to consume him whole. The more I tried, the more moistened I became.

He reached down with his left arm and pressed against my face. I would have hated it, had it not been him. It excited me further and fiercely devoured him, until he pulled me up by the hair, turned me around and pushed me against the wall. He tore my dress, I loved it. Left cheek pinned against the wall, I opened my mouth as if he’d done to me that which had yet to happen. I firmly pressed on my bottom lip with my teeth expecting the expected. I awaited, my friend still moaning, banging her back against the wall. I don’t know how he managed, but he spread me. I was exposed! I could feel her moisture meet that of the steamy room. I was in dying need of him to take my innocence, so much so that the steam of the room had a cold feeling when it came rushing to her when my legs were forced spread. My eyes popped opened, I couldn’t breathe… The more my body was pushed against the wall the more I idolized him. Hurt it did at first, I imagined never wanting be taken there. But he did, the more my breasts and face rubbed against the wall the harder I begged of him to thrust me.

At the top, she suffocated his face, strongly pressing it against her. She moaned I scream. The pain had turned into ecstasy, and I pushed back against him with all my might. If I failed to consume him with my lips, I sure wouldn’t fail this time. I clasped onto him with my gluteus as hard as I possibly could, I wanted to feel all of him rub against the inside of all of me. I wanted to be punished for arriving this late. I begged, I screamed, I moaned, I cried. He was in me and I never wanted him to stop. She soon screamed, I felt his knees buckle, my body shivered, I intensely bit my arm reaching a place I hope to never leave.

Author: jibarican

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