Crimson Crossing – Stories in Erotica


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It’s a joy watching the reaction in your eyes as they gaze at the shoreline, every so often looking my way, revealing that you are mine, that this moment is ours, of our hearts. I smile and reply that this moment, here and now, can only be this breathtaking because we are together. Hours pass by without a word interrupting our wordless dialog, yet I hear you as clear without words, as I do with them. Nothing else needs be said when there is so much to be felt.

The smell of the shore line this early during the sun’s decent announces its imminent disappearance. It’s that familiar smell of dusk, sand, and salty water before the horizon covers the sun, before the cold of the darkness is heated by our presence. Not long passes when I direct our vehicle towards a small winding descent to the right hand side of the roadway that eventually leads to a dirt path. At the end of the path stands an old lighthouse overlooking the majesty of the Caribbean Sea. The soul of the world opens up here, those lucky enough to have experienced it know that this is how heaven was intended to feel.

This time of the year only lightning bugs make it to the lighthouse. My wishes are to reach our destination before “it” arrives, stay while “it’s” alive, and leave when “it’s” long gone. You, my dear, notice our objective and sigh; looking up at the sky you wonder why head down when it’s evident that our vehicle won’t make it back up after “it’s” come. Still, you trust me, and squeeze my hands with your gentle touch.

We must park at the bottom of the path because only afoot the lighthouse can be reached. The smell of salt in the air intensifies, the wind escalates, we traverse the unpaved path up to the lighthouse… We’ve arrived! Stop just for a few seconds to feel the breeze that climbs up the side of the cliff to lay hands upon the lighthouse. It tells us to follow the path towards the exposed white bedrock. There we sit, where you cuddle up beside me, resting your head on my shoulder. The sun, as if aware of the reason for our visit, rushes down convincing the red sky for which the area is named to make its appearance. The white of the surrounding cliffs turns orange… I can’t help but to stare at your eyes.

Our lips come together, grasping onto one another as if long lost lovers. I feel your chest expand as if my lips retrieved your soul from within your body. Embraced in passion, our lips and tongues ignore the splendor around us to concentrate on one another. Little did we notice that the sun now stood covered behind clouds. The knowledge that the sun would soon depart into the night remained behind in the air. Quenched of satisfaction from your lips, I thirst for the touch of your skin. South, the journey commences. Not distant from lips your neck appears. There I rest, lips, teeth and tongue, taking all I want, all I desire, enticing your body to crave that which I long to give. Inevitably, droplets fall from the sky upon our bodies. They feel cool, very cool, perhaps cold enough to have caused a shiver had it not been for the antidote-filled warmth caused by my tongue upon your body.

My left hand gently places your body upon the rocks. I lean over and halfway rest upon you, holding my weight with my left hand to maneuver the endeavors of my right which seeks to unbutton the top of your sun-dress. Successful it has been, exposed stands the awe to opaque this very scenery. The falling droplets seek a taste of that which I relish, they begin to rush down seeking your body, but instead are halted by my body covering their destination. I feel them hit me, not just a few, but very many attempting to displace me from my position. I feel them in a scurry looking for a way to you. It is of no avail! That before my eyes is solely for me to behold.

Exposed, two sights of nurturing… You look at me, deep dark eyes, longing. Heavy is your breathing in anticipation of my touch. I come close, touch; your back curves… The pulsating of my lips is soothed by the touch of your bare chest. There I stay, my time taken to cherish the need of both bodies, soothing the left with liken desire as the right. Your hands scratching the rocks… The lucky droplets who noticed my absence of your lips come crashing onto them, exploding like detonating bombs. Their remains splatter all over your face, over my back, some even manage to come to rest upon your tongue. Unwilling to accept that I must share you, my lips retrace their journey back upwards to become wet by your lips, by your mouth. I’m here once again, seducing them, removing from them any residue left behind by the falling drops. All there will be to taste, all there is to feel, will be us. The knowledge that they are late to consume … you.

My right hand reaches behind your neck, presses forward as if wishing to squeeze out all that needn’t be between our lips. I attempt to take all I can from you, attempt to tire your need to taste me, anyone, anything if just for this one time. The droplets have matured, they aren’t small, rather, the heavy kind for which the tropics are known. I must depart the encounter of our lips, I must leave you unprotected. The rain takes advantage of my inability to remain at all places at all times, and consumes your face. I rejoice in the thought that while I must depart from your lips, rain has yet to touch the bareness I have thus far protected. I kneel over you, stare at your face, mouth opened, heart pounding, wet hair, wet dress, the perkiness of your womanhood now engulfed in rain. The heat rising from your body is untamed before the vast attack from the rain upon your body. It attacks your chest as if accepting that it is to wait until I deem acceptable to taste elsewhere. There I kneel, watching the rain bounce against your body.

The droplets run from my head to my face, down my neck onto my hands, the hands that work to unbutton my shirt; rain too runs through my chest. Slowly I remove my shirt and begin to unbutton the remaining safety objects hiding the-you I lust behind that garment. Bare to it all I find you, you’ve ignored to cover the world that entices both mortals and immortals. Your hands smear rain on your chest and stomach, I watch your hands approach my desires, and hold them back. Leaning over, my lips act likewise as once did onto your chest. Kissing your stomach, navel, biting each time your body jerks. Sounds emerging from your lips inform of what you expect; obliged, I continue south where I encounter the façade of desire, the embodiment that clenches any and all my needs.

Tracing the contours of her figure, I cannot stop. North, south, east and west, my lips and tongue massage and sooth. The jerks of your body indicate the direction which I need to outline: there I stay… My tongue meticulously pierces through you seeking to find your soul. Your hands reach my head, where you try to grasp a hairless head. Your back is forced to curve by every movement my tongue makes as it delves deeper into you; your lust sighs.

The feeling of rain drops being pushed aside with my lips assures me of a conquest. I can feel them rush amongst the you that too saturates my lips. But it’s too late to fight for reign, this battle they’ve lost. Times quickly approaches for me to fully act. Engorged you are, she is, all of you, the moistness here now is joined by the water falling from the sky that runs from our bodies as I’ve pulled away to stare at you from a slight distance. Attention from clouds, rain, lighthouse, me, all appear to center around you… my intentions, the aroma, your ecstasy, no longer will I keep you waiting, I press on, the roundness of your body presses against the rocks, my tongue follows your motion as if a well sailed ship through an oceanic storm. I find it difficult to breath, you press my head with all your might, your thighs too push against my face, water showers you, me, the lighthouse, a moan, your body shivers, jerks, shivers again, your body tenses…

Undeterred by your most recent emotional journey, I journey back north without stopping along the way eager to see you, eager to see your eyes open ever so small. I see them break open, unaffected by rain drops they stand still staring back at me. Your breathing is still heavy, your lower body still moving as if I were still present. Your hello smile welcomes me to push distance aside and softly taste your lips. The smell of electricity announces that our concentration on each other lacked the attention to notice the air filling with lightning. The bliss of your taste smothered on my tongue absorbed all possibility to notice anything else, I fear I did fail to see the continuous clearing and darkening of the sky as lightning traveled through the sky. Still ignoring the rain, the lightning, the wind rushing up the cliffs bellowing of lust, I gently touch your lips while managing to remove the remaining garments covering my body.

Your body is warm, plush, sensitive, intoxicating to the touch. I desire more from you than I have of life itself. I want to feel it all, live it all, this very moment. I place a kiss upon your lips, pull away, stare passionately into your dark eyes, you delve into mine, lightning consumes to sky, your womanhood is pushed aside by my most ardent intent, you fight the closing of your eyes just to stare back into my eyes. You refuse to forgo the sight in my eyes when we’ve become one. Your mouth opens, your sigh elongates as I travel within you. At last, pelvis to pelvis we are, profoundly gazing into one another, I wish to increase the speed in which I move, but can’t. Slow withdraws are followed by prolonged insertions… each time delving deeper and deeper than the previous. Your mouth denies not the emotions within you… the moans intensify as my pelvis reaches yours. Your body slightly curving upwards each time our bodies unite have now caused you to close your eyes. You’ve fallen pray to passion and have foregone the need to witness how my eyes absorb the presence before me. I refuse to release my sight from your face, from your mouth, from your wet hair. I look at you undeterred by the fight waged by this thunder storm to split us apart. It is by now not a foe, but part of what’s here going on.

The friction rising within our bodies heats us, brings us closer to one another. There you are, unrestrained, finally sinking your nails onto my back, begging of me to never let go. The nails tracing lines of lust upon my back are painful, yet lust is reluctant, I ask of you not to stop, to release all the passion, all the need, all the want found in desire… you begin to tense, there is aroma of electricity in the air, the wind is blowing, the lighthouse shines upon the shore, you are mine, I am yours, I’ll never let you go, roaring is the sky, your mouth opens, your eyes open wide, I’m here…

Author: jibarican

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