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Take It

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It was clear that she was about to leave for the evening. There wasn’t a need to enter, but I decided against politeness and went in! I was enticed by that figure which stood lonesome in the store. There she was, standing with her back to the entrance. The back of her jeans teased of dreams to come true within her, in her… Such a depiction has failed to grace story-tales since the Greeks and their mythology.

She was holding a few dresses on her hand when I approached to ask if she didn’t mind my late arrival. She didn’t, still I supposed on the side of politeness and mentioned that the doors should be locked before anyone else decided to prolong her workday. Of the few garments on her hand, a gray skirt-suit stood out; she noticed I had seen it. She asked me not to wonder too far as she was undecided in which to keep, and would like a male’s opinion. My impromptu entrance should at least be productive sighed in me.

After minutes from her disappearance, she emerged wearing the form fitting gray skirt-suit. Her gifts visible from each angle I sought. A slit ran almost to her crotch area, her top peeked out greeting the world; her behind rivaled the majesty of any and all mountain ranges. Bliss I’d just witnessed! Her walk in my direction was heightened when she stopped and spun around for me to indulge in her physique. I approached her, telling her that there wasn’t a need for the other dresses to enjoy the touch of her skin. Unfair it would have been for those garments to feel, to taste her physique only to be brought back to the racks, eventually become disillusioned when owned by a lesser physique.

She placed her hand on my chest, thanked me, and walked away with a likened sway as the one she had moments prior when walking towards me. There was no refuge for my thoughts, I felt as if a prisoner perpetually kept away from the very sins that deem a life well lead. My pursuit wasn’t prompt; the hesitation erected by the sway of her body halted me. Still after moments, I pushed forward dashing through racks of clothing, barging through the door which she’d left unlocked. At the back of the room she sat leaning back, legs slightly separated disclosing the red of her undergarment. The jacket containing her bust stood opened, hardy covering her most intimate characteristics.

My approach was calm on the outside, yet in despair on the inside. My body fought back thoughts of unleashing lust with out mercy. But years of poor seduction finally found me physically collected, I gradually brought my hands forward and slid them through the opening of the jacket, pushing it completely open, exposing my intentions to her desires. I stood her up away from the chair and pressed my teeth against her lower lip, pulling it, then releasing it just to watch it retract into its place. Her tongue reached out to me, trapping mine as if a lion after many skipped meals. I fought hard preventing her from taking the lead in what I had started. She relinquished the lead, allowing my lips to continue the invasion of her body. They drew bliss right from her skin, the sucking, the biting, each lick fulfilling every thought that ran through my head. Her hands covered my head, she rubbed them on me as if seeking for a crystal ball to reveal the future, to foretell the experience she was about to endure. Her elation for more intensified as I reached her neck, shoulders and ears. Her hands forcing my head in search of satisfying areas far more supple than those on her upper body.

Obliged my hands completely exposed her torso, tossing aside a jacket, I traced from her neck onto the sculpting sights. I felt her tenderness, engulfing them with my mouth, wetting them to facilitate the reaction of the tips. I took control of the tenderness, tracing all the nourishing characteristics found there upon. Biting and engulfing within my mouth a delicacy meant to be consumed through eternity. Her body pressed against my mouth, it backed up seeking refuge, it seemed lost, confused as to which direction it desired to whim.

I sprouted back up and locked my lips with hers, not only enticing her body limp, but mine. I came to take, yet now felt that I wanted to be taken as well. She forced her face aside, and panting softly asked: “Why are you doing this?”. I put two fingers over her mouth, hushed her, and whisper to her ear “to simply take it”.

Author: jibarican

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