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Boat Stay

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It has been agonizing, the feeling of your glutes pressing against my pelvis for the last few hours. You tease me, aware that I cannot act around the other people sharing the overcrowded room in this small boat. Time hasn’t only witnessed the hours tick away, others fall asleep, but so each tease against my pelvis; the motion in which you shift your hips looking to better mold around me in a clasping manner. Your movements mock me, just as does each glance at me every so often. The one that alludes to the fact hat I must withstand you for fear that others might awaken.

Reason struggles to subdue proper behavior; my emotions scattered, refuse to listen. They care very little that a room filled with family and friends sleeps amongst us. It matters not that as guests in this overnight journey we must compose ourselves. Reason, oh reason, please explain why I must maintain composure during such an onslaught.

It takes but a few more moments for you to fall prey to the night, halting the agony I felt from the inability to reciprocate your actions. You lay asleep while I still wrestle with emotions, asking of reason to stand tall. Still aroused, still debating against reason, I press against your backside to feel me mold right between your cheeks, to at least feel the warmth just one more time now that you are asleep. I can’t neglect that all you wanted to give us… was a tease. But, but it is that I don’t deal exceptionally well when teased.

Not long has time elapsed when I relinquish to the continuous pressure from my emotions. Reason has little validity to keep me from you, inside of you. Your sleeping body doesn’t sense my hands tracing you, slowly moistening you. I’ve pushed aside your bikini bottom uncovering my midnight seduction… slide my pelvis back, nudging forward just some until I am touching you with my tip. I proceed by grasping myself close to the base anticipating some struggle, even while fully engorged. One meticulous thrust, I feel as your bikini bottom tries to prevent me from pushing in, but it’s futile. There isn’t a place to hold-on to, to keep me from my goal. I am inside of you, slowly enticing your sleeping beauty awake, releasing it from a night of boredom.

Moisture welcomes me, informing me that you have accepted my indiscreet actions. I am swallowed almost all the way down, my hand colliding against your butt, I remove it from obstructing full penetration. There you are, saturated without being awake. By the time your eyes open, I have broken your cardinal rule of consummation before others. Your rule, your one rule, I apologize because I just can’t oblige this one time, perhaps even the next, too. But here, right now, you are mine even if they all were awake. I slowly push, wrapping my hand around your thigh, caressing your most sensitive emotions. Thoroughly touching, enticing ecstasy from within you.

You’ve been late to react, though awake, you are still somewhat unaware of the events. Upon noticing my efforts, your hand slides behind you, grabbing him, squeezing him as he moves in and out to feel you. You pull him out, and commence to drive him to your whim, slapping against you, pushing, pulling, scratching him.

I push forward, you press back, squeezing your legs together trying to keep him from escaping. Holding steady on your, shifting from angle to angle taking him whole. Slowly we continue to move, increasing the desire to thrust harder. You want to speed up, but know it would lead to sounds, even noises that would awaken our companions. We shouldn’t move the cot, let alone, the boat. Your are burning inside, looking to release in one hard move. I feed you slowly, playing around with you as you once did me.

I wait for you breading to deepen, listen to you while being inside of you, I must ask of you to remain quiet. You struggle to hold your emotions and pull out, pleading that resuming would mean waking the others. I refuse your request by bring your body closer once again, taking from you what is rightfully mine, telling you that teasing isn’t how I like to end. Your body tightens, you can’t impede your satisfaction from coming out. The shaking, tightening of your body is meat by light insertions from me. You try to stop it but can’t, once it comes, you know it doesn’t stop.

The hard breadths speak of what you feel, of the continuous jerking of your body, the tightening of your stomach, your search to bite your arm to hush the pleasure. I pull back on your hair to watch the ever so slight opening created in your mouth. My hands run down to your shoulder, where I press firmly as hard as strength allows just to pull you down, thereby reaching in, very far in. The feeling of friction from the sway of my hips upon your backside, where I stay to rock him slightly in, slightly out, pulling your hair even harder, that’s where I want to feel our saturation, slobbering your inner thighs, slobbering me all the way down to the base.

You struggle to whisper, trying to tell me to keep him there, not to change this very way you feel him. I’m in you and refuse to withdraw, your hard shaking is felt throughout the boat, no one notices, but you and I know why you shake. Your hand reaches back and clenches onto my butt, pulling increasingly aggressive into you. I can only stare at your open mouth wishing him too, be teased by it, to see him run through your lips as he has through her. One last stroke, you shake uncontrollably, I release your hair, your uncontrolled panting refuses to cease… I’m still within you, too leaving traces that I never wanted to be teased….

Author: jibarican

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