Crimson Crossing – Stories in Erotica

Palm Grove

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It’s a local establishment overlooking daily sunsets. Blue wooden walls with white trimming differentiate it in the company of mango and coconut trees. Around the back, frightened by unwarranted visits, schools of fresh water crabs scrimmage in search for the safety of their homes. The aroma of an open kitchen nourishes the senses of incomers who await a joyous meal. Delights from an old jukebox escape into a shoreline filled with palm trees as far as sight can reach. Each early evening, before the sun drowns under the horizon, the sky turns red.

We were driving south when, through a breakage of road-lining-trees, a melody intertwined in Latin cuisine warranted us; the right turn opened paradise. Sloops, afloat the clam sea, awaited the arrival of the moon. A lonesome small colorful wooden boat rested ashore, drying from its latest voyage into the sea. A carpet, crafted upon the sea by the descending sun, reached from the horizon, through the sloops, finally resting on the wooden vessel.

In the vehicle we sat, spoke, felt, experienced the beauty to behold before us. Initial signs of red throughout the sky lured her away from the automobile. She walked in direction of the shore. I washed as the sun outlined her body, dramatically displaying her silhouette. I soon followed the tease carried within her hips. We stopped besides the resting boat, there she looked up into the red of the sky, raised her hands, and inhaled deeply, filling her lungs while portraying the majesty that differentiates females from males. It was as if the moment was a gift crafted by a higher authority just for me to enjoy.
Her hands were still raised, mouth exhaling, when my hands reached her waist. I traced her shapely figure up to her finger tips, bending her arms at the elbow, placing her palms on her head. My hands again traced up from her shoulders to her elbows, back down to her forearms… firmly pressing, my hands toured her body upon decent to her waist. Her neck turned left, where she could be seen biting her left bicep. In a continuous slow motion, the grasp of my fingers on her sun dress pulled it against gravity, removing it from her body.

The surf, extending its reach to almost our feet, seduced the falling dress into the warmth of the sea, too experiencing the allure which I was to endure. There she stood, unclothed chest, while laced-aqua-blue boy-shorts covered her femininity. The silkiness of her long jet black hair trapped between her back and my unbuttoned shirt enticed my need to consume her. My right hand found way between the laced boy-shorts and her skin, delicately feeling her forbidden world as it continued journey of her physique. It rose from her tender world, reaching touch of her breasts, until palming her left cheek. My lips sank onto her left shoulder, holding her skin captive, while the caresses of my tongue stroked her arousal. Firmly I pressed my body against hers, feeling every curvature my sight failed to see.

The red of the sky alluded to the turmoil to be within each other. Noticed by the white of the sand, a bed bestowed upon us, lying we found ourselves. The attraction of her open mouth was inevitably received by a deliberate clench of my teeth to her lower lip, gradually releasing it as sighs filled the shore. Our tongues met, contorting, dominating the vernacular of lovers. Irresistible was the warmth in which she embraced the lively body within my mouth. Part ways we couldn’t, I had to. The innocence in which her neck held her face had to be overtaken. My lips, teeth and tongue longed for it. It began with a kiss. A slight breakage released the enticing of my tongue before my teeth took hold of her. There they clenched, grasped, submitted her neck to their every whim. Her body arched in pleasure, her sights intensified with each bite. The acquaintance of my lips to her physique descended to physical attributes meant to nourish a new life. Womanly soft, awing, engulfed by my mouth they were, tongue delineating the protuberance of her femininity. Traced my teeth I did upon them, a slight tug was met by suckling kisses goodbye to a journey not long ago began. I continued to kiss her lower torso, fingertips caressing her breasts. Her physique divulged her sensitivity, out from the navel, to the right, on her pelvis bone my lips followed as my hands pulled the aqua colored cloth covering her intimacy. Out my hands stretched the lace until a snap woke the calm of the sea.

For the first time, there she laid: exposed to mango, palm grove, sky, sand and ocean; exposed to my desire. Her unparalleled beauty was matched by that which stood before my mouth, flawless in sight as well as scent. She made way, easing my arrival, difficulty wasn’t found as my tongue spread her dormant beauty. Around all her glory I ventured, feeling the engorging of her needs upon my lips. Tasting the moisture that escaped her, a slight jerk of her body foretold of my tongue’s piercing into her. Her calescent, moistened, and firm world I entered. The wrestling of her body against the sand informed of my need to silence her longing, still untouched it laid, distended, it was effortless the press of my tongue against it, pressing up, pressing down, left and right, slow at first, increasing in speed as her body responded. There I concentrated, every so often venturing south to pull her lips with my teeth, to once again pierce her with my tongue. The harder she jerked, amplified was my concentration on her most sensitive gift. She pressed down against my head, she clenched me against her thighs, lifted her pelvis as if wanting to feel more than my tongue.

Her chest jerked, her head continuously dropped into the sand, stronger her grip on my head became. She again lifted, allowing the slide of my hands under her to angle her wants where I could devour a final meal. There I kept her, pressing against her gluteus, massaging my spot until her shaking body nearly convulsed. Her moans replaced the stroll of melodies from the jukebox throughout the shore, blood red stood the sky, agitated was the ocean, almost hidden by the horizon, the sun peeked to witness her. She sighed, she moaned, she screamed when I penetrated her. Her malleable essence wrapped around me, fitting as if grapes to wine. My thighs flexed, picking her exhausted body from the sand. I stared into her eyes and I bit her neck, she bounced on me. She was in full sighs when I put her down, faced her against the boat, which had been witness to it all. She leaned to rest against it, unaware…

My left foot slid her left foot, my right likewise did to her right. There she leaned, upon the boat, her flowered body facing my deflowering endeavors. She was wet, she was tired, the red of the sky nearly matched the reddish within her. It was slow at first, he moved her barriers apart and tasted the woman he wanted to meet. He reached in deep until her head lifted from the boat. The paced hurried, the clashing of her womanhood against my manhood became audible throughout the beach. I felt every muscle engulfing my bliss. He was trapped in a world of chaos, in a world were folklore became reality. I tasted her with everything I could offer, everything she had to offer.

As her speech became consumed by cries of desire, my left hand clamped on her hair, pulled her head up and back, forced her mouth open, reaching ever deeper within her. She begged, I granted, the sea agitated, the sky had darkened, the sun had disappeared into bliss. I pulled her hair, she moaned, she shook, she jerked, her knees couldn’t keep her up, she bit her biceps seeking greater comfort. I felt her flow from within, she nearly fainted, I hugged her, she was mine.

Author: jibarican

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