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The Ocean in Us

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Beach RocksTo the east, the hook-shaped wall of rocks creating this tranquil inlet protects us from the ocean. Kept at bay as it trashes about impatiently seeking to witness your presence upon the white sand. It refuses to wait. We all know that soon enough she’ll submerge in you to chase away grains of sand and the heat of the sun. Yet it still beats on the rocks, somehow tied in a battle as to who will be the first to sooth her.

There isn’t thought of retreat by either foe. The ocean is relentless, but the hook-shaped wall stands tall as if mocking the sea that it will fight until times-on-end… the rocks can sense that in little time her feet will be contouring against it, Beach Rockseventually sitting on it. In the same place, in the very same position looking out at the sea. She’ll be embraced in parts of her body that only I should embrace. As if I wasn’t aware that all it really wants is to feel what I have been desiring for so long. However, she’s yet not there.

You rest beside me, but we are not alone. The sun beams down on your body reflecting rays of joy against your skin. It accentuates the trajectory of water droplets on your torso scurrying from the heat. It presses firmly against you as if an insatiable lover. Every so often the passing clouds shade the sun, giving your body a welcome rest from the attack of nature. Yet, at no small price. The shadows cover your body ever so slowly. Little by little consuming you to an entirety. Noticeably stopping their journey where my desires savor to be; teasing me that while I lay besides you, you can be taken at anytime. The enjoyment of the cooling protrudes from your bust. It alludes to the woman you are, the nature that hides within you.
Her body on the sand

The momentary escape from the sun served well, but soon enough the wind pushes aside the shade. Fooling few, if any at all, that it too seeks to flow against your physique. Starting at your feet, surging upwards to mold to your curvature, fixated in the friction it creates against your bare skin. Thinking that it too can take what lays next to me. It’s delightful to see the sun embrace your figure, to see it touch you in places only my dreams have reached. I can only wish I could pass my hands on you as it does, to sooth you as it does, to see your physique move and never once protecting from the rays that strike your body. I want to be it, I want to act like it, I want you to lust for me as it you lust for it.

I could have never imagined such a rival, such a defeat I feel in a battle that’s never started. I hate, but can’t fight. It gives my sight as much nutrition as it gives your figure. I see it travel down your face, I see the way in which you bit your lips when it reaches your mouth, how it takes its time on your mouth before it moves down your neck. Slow in progress as if mocking me. It engulfs your chest with one quick move, heating it like I know I could. Nonetheless, it travels, it continues to sooth you accompanied by all my jealousy. Stroking your stomach… melting away water droplets – the same ones I would have dried with my lips. It’s approaching, and I can’t deny I want it to be me. It’s shorter the distance to your most womanly element, the more I beg for me to become the sun, the more it mocks me. It’s there! It soothes you! Your reaction attests to its delight. The slight spread of your legs as if asking for it to go in deeper tells me your seduction has just begun. It ceased movement there. I wonder what it could be doing. Resting upon you? Radiating a body that needs no help to be heated?

Our friendship has too long prohibited me from doing onto you what each sunray has given you. My desire to have you overcomes my reason to continue a friendship. Here, I will turn my back to the sun, shunning him; ignored from you as he’s ignored my jealousy for you. A smile tells me you are aware that the shade on your body isn’t that of clouds, turning your body, lotion is placed upon my hands, face down I find you. A sight to behold, I fear my hands will fail and not sooth you as you’ve been accustomed by our radiating friend and foe.

Obstructing full view of your back is a small lace knotted in the middle, cleared it will have to be. My left hand meticulously massages the knot until one lace becomes two, each dragging upon your back as they fall uncovering all that I crave to hold. The strength of my hands reaches your shoulders, releasing all unwanted tension, hands cuffing to your shoulders, contouring to your every muscle. Your delight reaches my ears from the deep breaths that abound. Thumbs pressed lightly against your muscles, follow the line of your spin down to the small of your back. My hands are covered in lotion, easily sliding up and down your back, pushing away all traces left of the sun, your body is to be mine.

My hands are lower on your body than they’ve ever been. Touching you in ways I’ve never touched. Sheltered from my sight, the sin any God would pardon, you. Visible are small tight shorts that cover little. The lines holding you together fail to hide the bottom part of your curvature. The shorts cling tightly to you. Shaping every gasping sight of mine to your figure, there my hands must protect from the sun. My hands press hard against you, dragging my thumbs from the center out to sides, going as low to your inner thighs as reach allows. Your feminine figure molds to my hands, grasped by my need to sooth you. I stay, I work, I desire, circular around your roundness my hands continue to massage. The bliss of my hands upon you is met by a rocking reaction of your backside, you move up and down, side to side willingly allowing my fingers to pull the tight shorts apart from your flesh with every up and down movement. They slide close in to your inner emotions, commencing a slight soak of the beach shorts in hidden parts. I linger in the very same spot once lingered by the sun; caressing my needs onto you.

As I depart from this, the demise of my reason, your need to be consoled causes you to stand up, leaving behind the top piece of your bathing suit. I watch you stand up, exposed to the world, showing the ocean the woman I today desire. The swing of your body as you walk away lures all inhibitions away from me. Gone they are. One by one leaving as if dry grass burnt by flames. I pursue your trajectory into the sea. There you stand, inner-thigh-high in water, hair wet, water trickling down from your hair onto the perky chest that stares at me as if prey. The sun beaming on your body tries to no avail to keep me away from you. The calm of the water has no ability to stop me, intoxicated it’s been by your entrance upon it. I can see it too, its need to rid the intoxication. It often lifts up hitting your crotch, further wetting the same area which the sun, I, and water have desired. It recedes, leaving signs of its retreat trapped in the tight shorts, it acts as if rejected by you. The ocean water falling from the area cry out in agony. To that I rejoice! There only I can claim glory.

Your enticing dark eyes articulate as if spoken words. They speak of a world that surrenders to me. A world I will be allowed to conquer, one that will calm all my furies. I approach you, my humanity engorges, my heart beats, my soul needs you. Breadth-to-breadth we find one another, staring into one another’s eyes, a word not said, only visions of what is to become. Your breasts press against my chest, your lips lock onto mine acting as if two lovers like thunder under the covers. The warmth of my tongue pierce through your lips, seducing you until you surrender and your lips pull apart to recover from the gasps I’ve made you feel.

Undeterred, my lips seek your neck, there too drawing your neck to the lips, to my tongue. Having no option but to bless its defeat, the sun beams down on us, warming our bodies upon contact. My hands have slid down your torso, I felt all of you, and now my hands are stopped at the back of your shorts. With a swift flex of my arms I pull you up to my height, you wrap your legs around me, together we walk in deeper into the crystalline and alkaline water surrounding us. I stop and proceed to lower you back to your own accord. Limited to being lowered back into the water isn’t just your body, next to you floats the shorts that once deterred me from viewing all of you.

Ocean Splattering Over the RocksI manage to turn you around, your back is pressed against my pelvis, I savor your back, shoulders and ears. The ocean on the other side of the rocks has picked up intensity; it can be heard punishing the rocks, splashes of water fly over the rocks almost reaching us. I continue upon my embarked journey. My hand runs up your neck to your hair, holding it above your head as I place my nose up to the back of your neck, breathing on it, stroking it with my nose.

It’s time to resume when your knees buckle; wrapping my right arm around your torso I pull you in closer. My arm tightly wrapped around your breasts, aware of what is about to happen… all of me pressed against your buttocks, standing right between them as if their separation was made just for his comfort. You sway from side to side as if further comforting the niche he’s found. I must lower a bit to find your nurturing. There it’s felt, for the first time after desiring you for so long, he beings to push aside the muscles covering the entrance. I can feel your weak body give way, feel your calmness trying to feel every characteristic which makes him mine. Deeper it searches for your desire, deeper it seems to not want to stop. There finally. Your heavy gasps for air speak of the righteousness of my path. Your backside is fully pressed against the front of my pelvis, hidden is he from sun, from the water, from the rocks. Swaying again and again your hips seek to comfort him, squeezing as if trying to trap him, trying to jail him for eternity.

The sound of our bodies hitting against one another is magnified by sea. Splash, splash is heard throughout. The bopping of your head is witness to your pleasure. Not to prolong my agony to see your blissful face, we turn into one another, glued again eye to eye. It is easy to take you, the water allows you to easily return me into a place only one can enter. I stare into your eyes, while he caresses every muscle within you. Our lips cannot stay apart; they rejoin as if lovers on a last goodbye. The deeper I reach, the harder you press against me, the more intention our lips engage.

I sense you are ready, you sense I wait for you. Our lips pull apart, our eyes meet. I can see deep within you, you can see deep within me. There is no other world within us but this which we’ve built. The longer we stare the closer the imminent, I feel you jerk. You refuse to close your eyes not to miss my intentions speak. My knees buckle, I fight to hold on. My eyes grow smaller, but close them I won’t. I can see your every thought. I feel your every feeling, your body jerks harder, you try to speak but can’t. Only your opened mouth is left from a wordless speech. You feel more of me, the warmth caused by my desires left within you give a greater reason to lose your breath. Gasping you slowly come to a stop, still feeling that which remains, which unties my body with yours. There we stand, into our eyes we look, our emotions touch. The beach is now ours, as our bodies have been to one another. The sun rests, the ocean no longer feels a need to beat on the rocks, the calm of the water in the inlet attest to our longing embrace. I only ask of you to remain in my arms.

Author: jibarican

One thought on “The Ocean in Us

  1. A amazing tale. Ocean, romance and time. No better story. Thank you.

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