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Delta Gamma

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Delta Gamma EmblemIt didn’t turn out how I had planned it but, oh well, I had to be quick in thinking. See, my parents showed up two days in advance, didn’t even take the time to get settled into their hotel room. In past years they had always arrived on the same calendar date but, this year an unexpected change of plans brought them to an unannounced visit to the sorority house. The time couldn’t have been this inopportune had they tried to be. I greeted them with delight, but my eyes revealed that I was not at all pleased.

When Ahvi arrived at the house he saw me dressed how he had expected –I still wearing what could be construed as pajamas: a body tight tank top coupled to a pair of too-short-for-my-parents-comfort set of shorts. The prior night we had had a sultry conversation which culminated with me telling him to come to the house, take little time or care for those around and seduce me, that the state in which my body craved his would last beyond a night’s sleep.

His intentions were apparent from that stare when he saw me. He meticulously stared me up and down as if looking for signs of what I wanted from him. The tank top hinted of my excitement. It covered me, but it too showed the shape of that what was about to feel his lips. The shorts, well, though they were somewhat lose, their size forced them to contour rather sharply onto my body. There is a clever name in pop America for the sort of shape drawn out from me by the shorts. And, wicked or not, I was happy that he got to see that which was expecting him.

Within seconds it all took a turn of displeasure. Initially he heard my father’s voice, then the figure of my mother walking in from the kitchen, closely followed by father. He did his best to hide his excitement from my parents by greeting them warmly; first my mother, then my father. Luckily, he was dressed appropriately for a body raging with uncontrollable hormones. He continually looked my way in disbelief.

While he spoke of the struggles between studies and social life, of the inabilities of faculty and administration to connect with the student body, I used all my time of college experience coupled to little privacy to solve our problem. I excused myself to the kitchen, then called Ahvi to help me fetch a few things.

He didn’t realize what awaited. Upon entering the kitchen, I grabbed his left hand and shoved it down my little shorts to feel the undeterred saturation. I turned around, put my hands against the refrigerator, and spread my legs. The fool was going to drop his pants, but I kept him from it. I told him to unzip, draw his whim, slide my shorts at the crotch area to the side and thrust with intention to leave behind the desires kept at distance from the prior night.

So he did. A hard shove between the cloth of my crotch area and my right inner thigh is all it took for him to be swallowed to a totality. He was all in, just where I needed him. I instructed him to hold on to my waist and not move a bit, to shove his pelvis forward and let me do the work. I thought that would be a clever way to keep the friction of lust from becoming audible throughout the kitchen. So he did, and I did as well. I moved my hips about as if a small ship caught in an oceanic storm. I drove fast, faster, and fastest. There was no slow here, there was just no time for it. I wanted to climax despite my parents being in the next room over. I held on with one hand against the fridge and the other squeezing my breast. I bit my lower lip passionately. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as if begging for something to also appease its need for pleasure.

Somehow I rejected the idea of climaxing, perhaps fearing the intrusion of my parents during such a fragile act. Instead I chose to pull him out to allow him to slide back and forth against my labia. I knew he had to be about to finish because he tried to pull my shorts off, but upwards instead of downwards… so, I closed my legs trapping him between them, and swayed back and forth nice and aggressively until I heard him struggle to keep his voice from announcing the conquest. There I keep it, further soaking me…

The bottom of my shorts, the area where privacy is said to reside, was saturated. I could feel his residue sliding around me, wetting all and everything it could. Oh how I liked it. I pushed him off, grabbed some snacks and brought it to my parents. I didn’t know whether to stand, or sit. I feared that sitting would leave evidence upon the sofa, but standing might reveal that I still throbbed from reckoning.

He came into the living-room minutes after me, looking confused, but at least carrying tea for my parents. He didn’t notice that not only were remnants of us all about my crotch and shorts, but stained his pants.

I still wonder if my parents did notice that something was, well, taken in the kitchen.

Author: jibarican

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