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My Boss’ Wife


Yes, I wanted to have her just as much as I wanted to revenge the treatment I had received from my boss throughout my tenure at PMC. I had grown increasingly tired of his antics, his arrogance… of his incompetence. I was shocked to learn that she was his woman. I couldn’t fathom that this man had other qualities aside from the disposable ones I’d endured from him.

They were the mismatching couple. He wasn’t exactly eye candy, while she was chiseled out of seduction. Her walk exuded a sexual confidence that lured the stares of all the geeks in the IT department. It left them dreaming of orgasms between formulas and algorithms. I can only imagine the thoughts of geeks prematurely defeated upon a sight of her undergarment sliding down her bottom.

Evil BossEach time I saw her I couldn’t think but of hurting her painfully enough to prevent that alluring strut from disrupting weeks worth of work days. It wasn’t just the idea of having her with out a care for her well being, but that knowing I was somehow releasing my frustrations from years of ill interactions with my boss gratified me. His wife was going to be responsible for his behavior hard enough that when they copulated, she’d think back to how I handled her. That was my goal.

My advantage over the guys fantasizing about her was that queries regarding development of new software had to go through me. She, well, she was a project manager brought on solely to entice the male clientèle to stick around if just to gawk. If anything was to be engineered, it had to touch my hands. My chance came not a full year after she was employed.

One of our major clients would only speak with me, yet my boss wanted all communication to go through her… and rightly so. It was her job, and my “in”, to carry out my plans for her. To engage her more with the client, my boss scheduled an “Entertainment” meeting between all stakeholders. It was she, the client, his two assistants and I. The entertainment was in form of a fun diner, a local sports event, finalized by a drink at the Water Lounge. The Water Lounge was the latest craze in the city specifically meant for entertaining corporate clients. It had it all from drinks, to beds, to meeting rooms. It was locally known as the “finalizer”: not one contract that entered the venue left unsigned.

I purposely arrived late to diner. I had already informed the client that I would be doing so, as I wanted them to feel her out. I was delighted to learn that diner was a success. I greeted the client, greeted my boss’ wife, then sat down for dessert and a neat Presidential Rye. I didn’t converse much, I mostly smiled, nodding my head in agreement. I covered the bill, and off we set out to watch the sporting event. The sporting event was of my choice. I had not revealed to anyone what it was. We boarded the limo, and I instructed the driver to drop us off at the newly created arena down at the southern tip of the city.

Ballroom Competition FloorWhen we arrived, a big billboard atop the front entrance to the area welcomed competitors as well as spectators the Dance Sports’ 32nd Dance Competition. Everyone was taken aback, they didn’t expect the sporting event to be, well, a dance contest. I brought them down to our booth that was coincidentally placed in perfect viewing distance from the center of the dance floor. There was a buzz in the arena. Not the type created by loud cheers and drunken fanatics rather, one created by music coupled to entranced fans anticipating the duel between some of the best interpreters of dance of this century. I had a second drink, another Rye, Dad’s Hat. I situated my guests then informed them that I would return in a few minutes. They were so excited by the presence of dancers on the floor that they didn’t notice I was gone much longer than I had alluded.

When my name was presented to crowd, I could hear the ruckus coming from our booth. Everyone in the booth was screaming my name; Samantha, my boss’ wife, included. I didn’t win, though I expected to, I always do. My partner and I came in at sixth place, a solid showing for a nine-to-five fellow. I tried to shower and change quickly as not to leave my guests waiting longer than they had to. At the dressing room I needed to calm my nerves. This happens to me at every competition, the butterflies are more interrupting after the fact than they are before or during. Out of my bag I pulled out a Tirado Corn Whiskey, took a gulp to feel at home and headed back to the booth.

An enthusiastic and warm welcome received me back at the booth. Samantha jumped on me squeezing, kissing even shoving me. The client was walking around simulating a bad Paso Doble, and the other two people, both women, jumped up and down screaming my name. After some flattering chatter it was out to the Water Lounge. For the duration of the limo ride we joked around, even I had to expose my abdominal muscles for the ladies to touch. I had somehow become sexier than ever before. Samantha was audacious enough to tell me that if I weren’t a colleague she’d love for me to go Latin-macho on her and control her like I controlled my partner during the contest.

I noticed she didn’t say married, so I accepted her words as an indication that I would be welcomed to fulfill my lust to “disable” that sultry strut of hers. It didn’t even take reaching the Water Lounge for the client to accept Samantha as the point of contact. She was charming, attractive (much more than I) and tonight a bit tipsy and exposing herself high up the legs to everyone. We dispersed quickly once at the venue. The client and his assistants went straight for the bar then the dance floor. Samantha remained behind with me still speaking of the competition.

Hair BunThe opportune chance to bring peace to years of abuse at work couldn’t be passed; I reciprocated her aggressive flirtations with quite the direct intent. I slid my right hand to the back of her head grabbing the slicked hair-bun, and pulled down on it exposing the length of her neck to me. I drew close as if to kiss her neck, but instead I drew close to her ear and told her I was going to hurt her. “You are not man enough to try” was her sarcastically-toned response. While still holding her hair-bun, I maneuvered my left hand to her backside and with a violent snap, I tore the string-panty from her body. “These aren’t a must where you are a going”, said I. I released her and asked her to follow me. She ran her index finger down my spine in a waved motion, then ran it back up in a straight line. “Calling for help?”, she mocked.

We walked downstairs to meet the client one last time. He was pretty intoxicated, so were his assistants. Through the loud music and despite his inebriated state I was able to inform him that Samantha and I had to leave, that the limo would remain behind for their convenience. He hugged me, offered me another drink that I politely declined. He then hugged and kissed Samantha on both cheeks as customary of him. “Until next time my. Have a drink on me.” were his last words to us that evening.

“Aren’t we leaving?”, Samantha asked.

“It’s simple enough an instruction, that of following”, responded I.

Night Sky Line“That’s out of character for somebody my husband puppets daily”, was her response. I didn’t say anything. We walked upstairs to the meeting room scheduled for us. I walked to the windows and opened the blinds giving view to the city skyline. She followed me to the window, rested her right shoulder upon it, looked down to the lower buildings and proceeded to expose her breasts by pulling the top of the dress to the sides. I looked down her neck to her shoulder and her arms. It was no wonder my boss had married this woman; she’s no effort to admire.

“As I said, that’s out of character for someone who my husband puppets on a daily basis.” I took the extension to the sentence this time around as an invitation to hurt her. Whether I misunderstood her intentions wasn’t a care of mine. It really wasn’t a care how she felt about my aggression, all that matter was imprinting my whim upon this women so that she may go home still throbbing, still dripping of me… to lay besides that foolish man she calls husband with residues of my actions still inside of her.

“It’s a wonderful night, the sky is clear, apartment lights sing to the night. There is no better night to learn how much you can handle as a woman”, I exclaimed. She didn’t say anything for a minute, only continued to look down to the buildings, smiled, sighed and began to rub her breasts. She turned fully towards the window; the sight of her figure against the city skyline made her the most desirable architectural wonder present in the city. I removed my bow-tie, unbuttoned my shirt, then pressed my body against hers… pressing her against the window. She pushed back, telling me “You haven’t the permission, miss.”

I was being deterred by the sight of her beauty sparkling against the city scenery. What was I to do? I completely removed my shirt, and pressed her hard against the glass window. She tried to speak but, I covered her mouth with my hand. “It’s my turn to taunt”, I said to her. I instructed her to reach back and pull me out of my pants. She struggled somewhat removing my belt, but finally managed to expose me. I lifted her dress. “You direct me, put where you want it.” She lead me to her vagina, already moistened. “Wet me with you, let him feel your secretion. Do not put him in.” She guided me throughout the area leaving me nice and moist.

“That’s enough. Put him where you don’t want me to pierce.” She’s a bright lady. She moved me up to the center of her bottom. I adjusted her butt cheeks creating a receiving space for the head to thrust into. She was now looking back at me from the corner of her eyes. The feeling of her dress upon my anatomy was as seducing as feeling the orifice of her buttocks firmly against me. I freed her mouth and simultaneously shoved in with a quick motion. Her mouth opened big, she tried to jump off but I didn’t allow it. I held her hair bun tightly while thrusting in again and again. The collision of my pelvis against the bottom resonated with a “Please, don’t hurt me” that gradually grew intensely pleasurable. Initially her voice alluded to fear and pain, but with each aggressive thrust into her butt the statement changed demeanor. It seemed to have become a mantra for her. “Please, don’t hurt; please don’t hurt me”, repeatedly escaped her lips. She was now enjoying the sensation of a welcomed pain.

“Don’t tell me not to hurt you!”, I finally said. I then proceeded to lift her dress, wrapped it tightly around her waist, and struck her on the right butt cheek. She labored to change her mantra… finally repeating: “Hurt me, please hurt me, please… hurt me.” I would have felt badly, had I been a caring partner at the moment but, I wasn’t. The sound of her voice intoxicated me, and the feeling of her skin clashing against my hand made me want to leave hand-prints on her butt for her man to see that she’d been had.

I withdrew, quickly taking a knee and sinking my teeth on her butt. “Spread them”, I said. I licked, bit and smacked her bottom with the conviction of a fulfilled man. She jumped each time my hand landed on her bottom. She tasted bitter sweet. While I was enjoying collecting payment for her husband’s actions, I didn’t like that he wasn’t there to witness what she had endured.

“Torso on the table, legs wide apart.”

I removed her dress and watched her walk over to the meeting table at the center of the room. She quietly rested her torso on it, and pulled the legs apart. “I’m ready”, said she. I walked over, ran my mouth up and down her bottom, including the thighs, then pierced her; swapping entrances every few strokes. I had run out of ideas as to what to do to build immunity to my boss in future interactions. All that was left was for me to climax.

I withdrew from her bottom, and situated myself at the orifice of her vulva. I spilled out, some inside of her, some not. “Squeeze”, I instructed her. “Squeeze”. I wanted to see me drip out from her vulva down to the floor. Once satisfied, I stood her from the table and placed her on her knees. “Gag yourself, let me watch me get lost in your mouth.” She tried time and again, as if trying to entice a second reaction from me. But, I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of… well, willingly satisfy me.

“Gag, and hold deep. Look up at me. That’s enough. On the table face up.” were my last commands. I made her climax more than I had intended. I left her there to collect herself. I walked away with her aroma entrenched in my mouth.

The next morning a handwritten note atop my keyboard read: “Is a drop of blood normal? I didn’t realize I would enjoy the pleasure of pain. How long will the pain last? There are slight bite marks on both my cheeks. Can I see you in my office?”

Author: jibarican

2 thoughts on “My Boss’ Wife

  1. Your stories always get me going every morning, so keep them cumming, please! Great over my coffee, my guilty pleasures! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award – check the details out here:
    It’s up to you whether to accept – no worries either way – but it might drive more traffic here, and everyone deserves to be treated to your sexy little stories! Have a great day, BB x

    • Thank You so much for the nomination Bebe Smith. It’s an honor. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little strapped for time as of late and won’t be able to carry through on the rules, hence, I’ll sadly have to decline the nomination. Perhaps when I have the free time I can be re-nominated 😀 xoxo

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