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Expectant Desires

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Pregnant Woman in UndiesI wish some sort of definite answer explaining the enjoyment I feel from looking, from touching, from copulating with an expectant mother existed. But, there isn’t one. I’m left to speculate, to search from reason A to reason Z; each probable answer sounding better than the next. So it is to reason, at least for me, that a most favorable location to indulge in my, well, shall I call it fetish, is the Destination Maternity.

The neighbor’s wife is close to her seventh month of pregnancy. Her “glow” has been apparent from before it was properly revealed that she was expecting. There is just that, I don’t really know what to call it, about a pregnant woman that causes her to light up as non-expectant women can’t. Personally, it has to be caused by the her aura notifying the world that a miracle is about to happen. She, my neighbor, and I have become good friends. I even revealed my feelings about pregnant women to her. She’s received them quite well, even takes me along whenever she knows there will be other women for me to gawk. She’s like one of the boys, expect pregnant.

Today, luckily, she is in search of swim outfits for pool season. She’s asked me to tag along to Destination Maternity to help her choose a swim outfit. I honestly believe she purposely wears revealing clothing for “kicks” about my reaction. I can’t control my body, I’m not that versed as of yet. I become easily aroused when I see the shape of the growing breasts against a maternity dress; more so watching the belly protrude as if crafting a niche for the breasts to rest upon.

From the rear, oh what can I say, those long maternity dresses slide in-between the glutes alluding to the final destination for my anatomy. There is a beauty to the body that in my limited years of experience in both life and partners, I have solely found through a woman’s pregnancy. All about the body becomes accentuated. It’s as if speaking a romance languages with all its idiosyncrasies that turns speech, well, romantic. The rolling of the “R’s”, the tilde master-izing the “n”, the accents on the vowels. Oh, watch a joy to watch the capitulation from the body of a woman carrying a developing offspring.

Leave no doubt, my attraction is not limited to the effects on the female body, but that of my imagination chasing stories of what that woman endured from a male to now find herself in such a state. It doesn’t fail ever, for me to conceive imagery of how the act must have happened. Whether it was fast and furious, or slow and steady; even the location and how much she moaned and screamed. It could have hurt her a little, a lot… yet, the result is the same: conception.

My neighbor’s wife has let me in secrets regarding pregnancy previously unknown to me. Some ill received, but a few others, such as her uncontrollable libido have made my desire for them much stronger. Needless to say, I’m heading to Destination Maternity already aroused and expecting to appease this desire of mine to see, touch, be with.. ahh, mothers-to-be.

On the car ride I can’t take my eyes away from my neighbor. I look at her legs, knees, face, hair, the seat-belt as it neatly contours between her breasts. She flirts the entire ride to the store, asking if I like the length of her dress today. “It is revealing”, I think to myself, then proceed to tell her. She says the freedom of the dress when her body is always in discomfort helps her get through the day. But, that she wears it short because she knows that I’m easily influenced by an expectant mother. I lightly laugh, and agree. She pulls the dress up more, then stops to say, “Don’t you wish you could see all the way. You won’t, dear. You won’t.”

We carry on with heavy flirting, enough that my penis has readied itself with preseminal fluid. I can feel it wet the tip. I squeeze my buttocks hard simply to feel the pressure of the penis slightly pressing against my pants. I wait for her to exit the car, then quickly slip my hand down my pants to squeeze with force, and adjust my penis that’s been caught uncomfortably against the pants.

I slow my walk to allow for her to walk just a few shades ahead of me, i want to watch her body sway with each step she takes. I lie not when I say that I desire this woman. I want to be forceful with her, I want to ejaculate inside of her, I want to spank her bottom, I want to watch her insert my penis deep in her mouth and savor it like a delightful lollipop. Despite not having told her so, I think she knows that I want to me more than just her admirer. Even if just for the remaining months of her pregnancy. She interrupts my thoughts by asking me to hurry along.

Pregnant Woman in UndiesInside the store we are greeted by two of her old college friends. They too are expecting. I automatically fall in love with the three. My mind scurries for assumptions of how these two could have copulated to be in such a state. One of them can’t be no more than 5 months. She looks to be the naughtiest of the three. I wonder how the father of the child had his way with her. I can guarantee that she is into S&M, was bound, gagged and repeatedly pierced while being spanked, maybe even digitally simulated concurrently.

I smile with them, but not at the same things, rather at the stories wandering aimlessly in my mind controlling little else other than my lust. Though my mind is thinking of the smaller of the two, I lust for the friend who looks ready for labor. Her wobble brings about visions of her crouching on all fours while I penetrate her from behind. I’m having a lustful time until they nudge me to come over near the dressing rooms for a “male” point of view. All three go inside, each one taking turns showing me revealing outfits. At this point I’m wishing that I were home so that I could wrap my hand around my penis, squeeze it, then beat it relentlessly thinking of these three women.

I’m still blurry as to how I got into the dressing room, but here I am looking down on the friend who is exactly 40 weeks along as I came to find. She’s got me in her mouth slobbering all over me to a glistening beauty. I shine from both the engorgement I’m filled with, and the saliva she’s sucking clean from me. The head sparkles as if headlights flashing on the dark of the night. This continues while I both look down at her making me weak, as I think about what it will be like to ejaculate inside of her.

I think of all the times that she’s had intercourse during her pregnancy, wondered how many different men she’s pleased during her rampant periods of libido soothing. I see her in flashes of intricate and not so intricate positions, her belly in the way of comfort, but still she is willing to handle semen inside of her with little worry of what will happen next. Soon enough I realize that I’ve ejaculated inside her mouth, she continues to suck allowing some to drip onto her nude breast, onto her belly. I tell her that I wanted to finish inside of her, that I wanted that, all of it; to feel the pressure of changes in anatomy during pregnancy to seduce my penis. She stood up, placed her hands against the door of the dressing room, spread her legs, and waited for me. I grabbed myself with one hand, ran my other hand down her butt, placed the tip of the head on her vulva, and shoved in.

It was the first time I had been with a woman that far along into pregnancy. I was filled with ecstasy as I was filled with fear. I was afraid that I would collide into the unborn baby, in turn preventing me from fully thrusting inside of her. I pushed it half way in, alternating between fast and slow thrusts. She asked me to push in hard, not to take it easy. I was so troubled, I was getting what I wanted and at the same time had sights of injuring a baby. I didn’t know how to react or what to say, except that she asked for more and harder.

I couldn’t give her what she wanted, I couldn’t push hard, but… but, I got to feel her. The tight wrapping and soaking I was receiving. I climaxed a second time while slowly moving my pelvis and grabbing her belly on the sides. I still thought of taking more from her while realizing I was unable to fully please her from some inexplicable fear, even belief that I would hurt the unborn child.

When she turned around to look at me, her breasts were still stained with my semen. I used my finger to clean it off her, then she sucked my fingers clean. We got dressed and walked out together. My neighbor and her other friend greeted us, asked me if it was as good as I expected. I smiled and nodded in agreement. I told them that now all I wanted was put them in a row, lean them over and feel each one of them wrapped around me warming my pregnant pleasures. I was still engorged, the lust hadn’t subsided… it only increased.

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