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Love or Hate

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I dislike jeans most of the time but, today I’m ambivalent about them. Sometimes the sight of a lower body in blue cotton can be a masterpiece. More times than not, the struggle required to remove them simply isn’t worth the effort. And so I believed until the most of unexpected things happened at work.

I came into the office to find the exposed shoulder of my secretary looking at me. We’ve heavily flirted in her brief stint here. Mostly it’s us two in the office so, we’ve made it entertainment to test limits. I’m older than she is by some fifteen years, I’d guess. She must be in her mid twenties, no more than 26. She sat facing away from me; wore skinny jeans with a tank top, and an unzipped-hooded-shirt fell off of her right shoulder. A recent tan on the exposed area greeted me warmly. Goosebumps shivered up and down, and out of each of my limbs.

The unconcealed shoulder was her premeditated invitation to be seduce. Naturally, it was meant for me. There wasn’t time to spend conceiving a memorable scene to enact; seizing the chance was just about it all left to be done.

Desperately calm, I rushed over to remove a few hair strands that were interfering with a full view of the back of her neck. From the earlobe down to the lateral deltoid of her exposed shoulder, I gently traced with my lips. “Hi”, she said, then continued about her business. I kissed her without enticing much of a reaction. She laughed, “is that it?”, she questioned.

Something, be it my uncontrolled id or bruised ego from not really knowing how to react to the sarcasm, overran all of my limiting judgment. I stood her up, kicked the chair out of our way, and struggled like a male virgin unbuckling his first bra to remove her jeans, then tugged down the jeans just past her butt cheeks to where the hamstrings meet the gluteus. That was her masterpiece and I found it. I grabbed her by the head, bit her lower lip, and slowly lowered her face against file-cabinet.

Nothing, nothing was exactly her reaction. I situated myself behind her, got close to her ear and said: “lower your underwear for me.” She obliged like a good school girl. I wanted nothing more than to feel her butt against my pelvis. But I’m a reasonable man. After she lowered her undies, I placed my hands on her pelvic bones, directed my attention below, and began to gently lick, suck, nibble, bite and trace her buttocks until working my way precisely between her cheeks.

I traced the orifice nearly sending my eyes upwards into the pituitary gland searching for the third eye that grants all wishes. They rolled around without rhyme or reason, screaming to be allowed out of the face and closer into her. She tamed me.. each lick, each attempt to pierce inside her butt with my tongue introduced me to a world of whim I had never known. She breathed fast and deeply, didn’t move a sliver. The side of her face stuck to the file cabinet with her eyes closed corroborated that the bare shoulder was indeed a premeditated act. Blood rushing to my penis might as well have been semen spurting out. Feeling the increase pressure of blood uplifting it without the ability to spill its contents all over her, rejuvenated me.

Still my tongue traced, my lips kissed, my teeth contoured to her every curvature. That I wanted to pressed so hard with the intention of driving my very own face inside her body wasn’t far from the truth. Once in a while, to the rhythm of butt cheeks pressing against my face, I would reach far down and run my tongue tasting the wet slipping out of her. Sweet cakes of mocha, glory, hail the name of my secretary, I should have tasted this from the moment she walked through the door and broke a smile in my direction.

As I said in the beginning, today, I’m ambivalent to jeans. I might still hate to remove them yet, the reward for taking them off, at least so today, was strikingly convincing. I shall like them, after-all.

Author: jibarican

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