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Leave a comment – Erotica Censorship

So, it finally hit me. WordPress is censoring my posts because they are of adult nature. They do not show up under any tag, regardless of how they are tagged, even Erotica. I’m being advised that i can write “about” Erotica, but not write erotica. That’s what the tag is for. See, I sort of don’t understand it very much. WordPress says it’s because there are underage members who need some protection. Then again, I ask why aren’t weapons a censored topic. You know, those actually kill people. So does alcohol but, hey, teens can read about that, it’s legal. Oh wait, Erotica isn’t illegal. Damn. I’m baffled. Oh, I know. Maybe it’s because I write about rape, bestiality, incest. I knew it! Crap, forget that. Anyone who’s read any of my posts knows I don’t use any sort of lewd language in my posts. Ok, Ok, I might use the world penis time and again, but the other “p” word, you know? the feminine one, yeah, that I don’t use.

I’m sad, disheartened, ashamed to have financially supported wordpress, and ashamed to have ever brought my clientél to WordPress who have also financially supported the company.

I can’t help but wonder if censorship is a trend that will further continue eventually preventing all sorts of freedom of speech.

I’m waiting to be told that wordpress is a private company, hence, their right to censor what they want. I suppose I’ll shut up then, tuck my tail between the legs and find another site that values a diverse population that abides by all legalities of the country they live in. Oh, I wonder if they censor hacking as well. Hm, interesting. We all know they type of problems that can bring about. Imagine if teens got a hold of hacking at, what would the boardmembers day then.

Then again, what better moral police than OMG! I wonder if they are censoring Sudafed? You know, that was taken off the shelves at the drug store then placed behind the counters away from kids.

At this moment I think I have sadly come to the end of my wordpress posts. Maybe tomorrow I’ll change my mind, who knows. 😦

To the readers who’ve come by to say Hello, read, like or not, I dearly thank you. It’s been a wonderful time. Keep up the wonderful work I’ve come to find at wordpress, while it might not be for me, it sure has a lot to offer for others.

Yeah, this one has not tags. I don’t show under wordpress searches any ways.