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Eyes Everywhere

What happens here or happens there, let me tell you, there are eyes everywhere.

Whether reported, or not; be it illegal, or not; it doesn’t matter to me. I’m the eyes that see it all. When you come here, walk about there, even when you hide, know that I am everywhere.

Most days there is nothing to see. Not that there isn’t anything worth seeing, but that the events have become mundane; these days I need extra incentive.

I have time to spend, it’s a luxury of mine. I have all day just about everyday to make good use of doing nothing. I am well versed, just as I am accomplished at the task of idling.

That ability to find free time resulted in quite the spectacle yesterday. I’ve had it in my head raising ruckus the entire night. I saw the events unfold from the moment they walked through front door. Everything about those two was different, and because I have been at this game of behavioral observation, telling when muses are high and fortitude prepared is trivial.

I’ve come to learn, through some swift record reviews, that she’s older than he; not by much, but enough at their age. See, he is closer to teen-hood than he is to, say, twenty-three. She, well, she’s not close to twenty-three.

I’d like to be audacious and reveal their identity; however, I’m a person who follows the Good Lord, so I’ll keep names a secret, though I really will reveal their interactions. Glorious Idea!

They arrived much earlier than any other time in the past, especially for her. She belongs to the after-work crowd, while he’s the over-zealous type who comes in twice a day: early morning and evening. The cheesy smile on his face foretold that something was brewing. She, though, she was stoic, at least so to the untrained eye. To people like me, people with years of behavioral analysis enabling the slightest of clues to protrude, an internal battle was raging within her. What I don’t know is if the battle was to fight fear back to its place, or to defeat the desire for the young lord. I still haven’t made my mind up on that.

She wore a cotton tank-top to her belly button coupled with a pair of women’s running shorts. He was trying to impress her. Yesterday was the very first time since he’s been attending that he wore a body tight sleeveless shirt, just as were the spandex shorts hugging his lower body. Their attire gave away that these two wanted to flirt secretly. I’m sure they gathered no one would pick up their cues given that this early in the AM there is really not many people at the gym. The same ol’e usual cats day after the day; max of 8 people. This is the group that is here to workout and leave before the social crowd comes in for a before-work workout.

The couple handed me membership cards to swipe for the day’s participation, and quickly walked towards the back. I got on the phone — ring, ring — Jess picks up. “Come to the front”, I told her. She arrived promptly, allowing to head towards the control room with out missing much. I Grabbed a sit, adjusted the camera monitors in the back section of the gym, verify proper response of the zoom lenses, and waited for them to show up at the back where this fellow enjoys to workout.

Young woman in a squatting stanceThey came in, he demonstrated then explained to her proper execution of their first exercise: the squat. She tried it alone a few times, but her form wasn’t very good. He interjected and got her to do it pretty well. He kept his hands down by her waist, lowering and raising at the same time as she did. He was spotting her… alright. They did a total of five sets, then did three additional leg exercises for the upper legs before jumping on a few calf machines. The entire time the flirting went noticed by only me. My cameras followed them pretty well from machine to machine. He lifted heavy weights proving his male prowess, while she lifted light to show the innocence of a beginner.

About an hour transpired with much of the same behavior. She’d touch his arms in passing conversation, he’d smile and strike seemingly unassuming posses to better display his physique. Then, they headed over to the squat rack on last time. This time she increased the weight, and he adjusted the “spotting” stance. She got under the bar, set her feet, adjusted herself, took a breadth, unracked the weights, and down slowly. He was pressed chest to her back, hands cuffed in fist position against the mouth of her stomach. As she lowered herself, so did he, each time boldly bringing his pelvis close to her buttocks. By the last four reps his pelvis ground against her bottom.

Zoom goes the camera, she racks the barbell, he steps away, ha! The grinding motion aroused him! He tried to cover by bringing both hands together at the front, but she separated them. His penis was unequivocally stuck sideways. She must have asked him to adjust it, because in went his hand and no longer was he stuck in an uncomfortable position. She attempted to look quickly as his hand went inside his short to adjust, but he was too swift. She motioned her right fist in disappointment, then shook her head.

couple kissing in poolBecause I already knew where these two were headed, I got on the control panel, adjusted the cameras to the pool, and waited about seven minutes. First she appeared wearing a one piece bathing suit. He came in with a pair of swim trunks, and nothing else. They waved to each other from across the pool, then jumped in. They swam towards one another, chatted for a bit, then she drew close and kissed him.

What they failed to know is that I’m everywhere. Just two months ago during the renovation of the pool, I had my good friend install Olympic style cameras at the bottom of the pool. I can see who is drowning and who isn’t. She was the aggressor. Her hand blatantly pulled his swim trunks down at the front exposing him to the cameras. He reached behind her, slid both hands under her swimsuit bottom to squeeze her butt. She pulled him against her, their joint movement creating ripples in the water.

After some heavy petting, and aggressive kissing, he managed to expose her breasts. She had those perky sort of breasts that make a man want to sit back and wish she was laying in bed with residue of their encounter covering them. I wanted to reach for the intercom to inform them that they might be going a little too far in public. But, I let them enjoy the moment a little longer.

He traced them with his tongue while trying to look up at her. Her head pointed directly above them. Her mouth slightly open, water dripping from her hair, she was saying something I couldn’t discern. When I looked to the bottom-up view monitor, his left hand was at her crotch gently stimulating her. His penis was still out and about. I assure you he was about to pierce her with his whim… so, I turned the intercom system on, and said “This is not the place for that.” They quickly separated, scurrying to cover themselves. She rushed out of the pool before he did. She appeared embarrassed for someone who initially acted so audacious.

I focused on him, watching the cams wondering when he’d leave. He waited, presumably, until the excitement subdued allowing him to walk away unrevealed. By now there were a few more people at the pool.

I’m not dumb, I’ve been at this watch and observe game for too long. I didn’t randomly ask them to leave the pool to destroy my chances at a watching them…

Off go the pool cameras, and on my attention and the cams in the sauna. The fellow has never left the gym without first soaking in steam. He too, knows that there won’t be another member in that steam room for at least an hour. He’s been the only person using it this early in the AM for months.

The sauna happens to be where technological advances are most rewarding, especially to me. Low light cameras aid in the effort to maintain proper vigilance in the room. From time to time the steam is too dense to get a proper report, yet I also have the ability to take care of that. Most times really, visibility is just splendid.

He reappeared in the monitors from the direction of the men’s bathroom; still in the same swim trunks as he went into the pool. He walked towards the sauna in a rather suspicious demeanor. He was inside for a minute, then exited and waved his hand about. He proceeded to re-enter leaving the door wide open. From the hall came she… wearing one of our proprietary towels. I hadn’t realize that she wasn’t wearing anything but the towel until the sauna’s door closed.

Precisely entering the steam room, she dropped her towel on the floor, closed the door and proceeded towards him. I got a glorious frontal view. I can tell she comes to the gym less often than she should because she’s not as tight as the fit-nuts around here, but golly, that’s a magical shape dropping down from her breasts, through her navel, down the naturally shaped hair strands, culminating down at that sweet harmonious sight.

He sat directly across from the entrance, held his penis on his hand that stuck outside of the left-leg-opening of the swim trunks. He was masturbating… stroking rapidly as she approached. There was nothing said that I could capture in my investigation, just action. She walked up to him, stood up on the wooden room-long-wide bench and sat down on him. He was holding himself with the left hand marking bulls-eye. Once swift motion and in he went. She practiced squatting just as he indicated not an hour ago. Up, down, up, down letting her pelvis do all the talking.

I wished long and hard for the presence of audio in that room, but there wasn’t… there isn’t any. I had to imagine the sound of her colliding butt against his thighs. The sound of her voice as she sighed on the way down, releasing the gentlest of moans upon impact. I wanted to be a freckle on her bottom just to experience the lust mingling with the steam in the room. She, he, and I alone in a room filled with desire. That wasn’t to be! I had to watch from a distance, keep the sight of her body foreign to me even when my arousal was hers.

Today, when I close my eyes, I still see the separation dividing her butt cheeks; each bounce against his pelvis causing the muscles therein to bounce and shake reacting to the repeated encounters of skin against skin. I could have fit nicely as a third… I know she could have handled it.

From the control room I have access to adjust the steam level inside the sauna; even turn it off, which I did. The diminishing steam is almost unnoticeable when adjusted properly. Not that they would have noticed. They were so consumed with their rendezvous that the absence of vapor went unnoticed until its end. Glad I am to have turned it off when I did, too. Her bouncing body had accelerated. He squeezed her buttocks, spread them apart, smacked them often as if some sort of percussive pattern speaking of lust. Multi-Camera view of couple copulatingI was forced to setup multi-screen view in the large monitor.

Camera one captured from the small of her back down to his knees. Every detail of her rear was on my screen. I smiled at the much better view I had of it than he did, even if his penis was being stroked much more intensely than mine. Her body begged to be handled just as it was being done; perhaps even a second guy helping her feel better. I’d volunteer for the work in the rear.

A second camera pointed to her face; just her face. The look on her face when he pierced her fully brought about goosebumps in my body. The clench of her teeth, the eyes opening wide, her mouth enunciating numerous pleasures… God knows what they disclosed. The last camera pointed directly at them from above. It was the very view that gave sight to her eyes rolling back, her mouth open verbalizing pants, sighs, and moans. He stared intently at her face, perhaps from a better vantage point than mine; never did he speak, never did he allude to most of anything except watching her behaviour.

I was caught up watching her mouth, dreaming about how it would feel seducing the body I grasped stroking it ever so sweetly then, I looked to the right to the see camera one, and good lord. I was forced to zoom in closely to her ass. She was bouncing up high giving vision of his penis drenched in whitish moisture. The quick insertions and withdrawals eventually grew out of sync. She bounced off of him onto the floor, bent down and shoved her mouth hard into his pelvis. He grabbed her long hair, captured hair strands as if about to guide her, but he simply wanted to feel her head move up and down. She swallowed that thing as if celery at a wedding reception. She didn’t make him climax, though.

She stood, turned around, leaned over for him to see her; he drew close and ran his tongue right smack down the separation of her butt cheeks. It was an event short lived because he stood up, grabbed her by the hips, and holy be it all, that the third camera gave a view of the attack. He hit her hard and steady. Her legs totally locked, both hands on the floor, his hands pulling back while his pelvis thrusted forward. That boy looked up at the camera as if he knew I was watching but, all he did was open his mouth and hold steady in place while fully inside of her. She rocked her pelvis rapidly against him, he never opened his eyes until she pulled away from him. He looked at her, raised his hand behind her neck and pulled her forward for a kiss.

I noticed when her hand went down to her crotch, he didn’t. When he pulled away from her she was still touching her crotch. He looked down, she pulled her hand away and showed him the semen on her hand. I, though, I was delighted by a close-up of her ass from behind. The alluring drip emerging from inside of her caught all of my attention. It held on tight to her in an attempt to prolong the pleasure of being with her.

The boy came out of the sauna first, looked around, then called her outside. She rushed to the ladies’ room, he to the men’s. I stayed where I was for about twenty five minutes longer… doing my own thing. I thought they had already left, but they hadn’t. Minutes after I reached the front desk, they came out smiling, trying to look innocent. I waved hello and politely greeted them. As they walked by, I handed them a memory disk. “You’ll like what’s inside,” I said.

She never returned. I suppose he never cared much because he still comes and talks to me a lot. Even thanking me for the little present.